Austin Carbone

Austin J. Carbone, BSc, BEd, LD. I have been practicing as a denturist for nearly 35 years. I was first licensed in Newfoundland, Canada where I lived for close to 25 years. I have held some prestigious positions in the world of denturism such as President of the Denturist Associat of Candad for 6 years, President of the International Federal of denturists for 6 years and President of the National Denturist Assoc. of USA for approx. 5 years. I am a graduate of Fitchburg State College, Memorial University of Newfoundland and George Brown College of Toronto, Canada. I have owned and operated several denture centers during my business life both in the US and Canada. I have held many positions for denturism such as Registrar of the Newfoundland Licensing Board, Member of the Denturist subcommittee with the Maine State Board of Dental Board in Ottawa, Canada. I am an Honorary Member of the Denturist Associaton of Canada, Honorary Member of the Clinical Dental Tecnicians Assoc. in the UK and a qualified IDEC instructor, a program I was instrumental in helping to put into place.