Prolonged exposure of your denture to air can discolor it and dry out the acrylic, making it more brittle. When you remove your denture at the night, keep it in a covered container filled with warm water or a special soaking solution.

Never use bleach to clean or soak your denture. It can weaken the structure of the denture and discolor the acrylic. As well, bleach will not work as a whitening agent, since the color of artificial teeth is integrated.

The denture you are wearing was made and adjusted to fit your mouth at a particular time in your life. With the passing years, your mouth changes considerably, even as your dentures wear out. After all, a denture is only made to last 5-7 years. This is why we at the New England Denture Center recommend that you have the fit of your denture checked every year, to ensure its continued effectiveness and aesthetic appearance, as well as your greater well-being.

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