Immediate dentures

Immediate dentures are recommended for people who still have natural teeth that need to be extracted. Upon the extraction of the natural teeth, the immediate denture is inserted.  Impressions are taken with your teeth still in your mouth to start the fabrication of the immediate denture. It takes approximately 3 to 4 weeks for and immediate denture to be made.

We work with your dentist or oral surgeon to have your immediate denture completed in time for your extractions. Because the immediate denture is inserted at the time of your extractions, you will not have to go without teeth.

The purpose of this information sheet is to answer some of your questions about immediate dentures.  If you have a question that is not covered, please ask during your consultation or please call and ask.  We are here to guide you through this process.

How do immediate dentures differ from regular dentures?

A traditional denture is made in a series of four steps.  The first step consists of taking impressions of your mouth are taken.  The second step is to measure your bite, to see how your jaws comes together.  The third step is to “try-in” your denture.  In this step the denture teeth are set in wax.  You will be able to see the general appearance of the denture.  The fourth step is the insertion of the denture.  Immediate dentures are made a little differently.  First, impressions of your mouth are taken.  In most situations a measure of your bite can be done during this appointment.  In some cases, you may have to come back for a separate appointment to measure your bite.  Unlike traditional dentures, the “try-in” step is omitted.  We would not be able to set teeth in wax and have you try them in with your natural teeth.  The final step is to have your immediate denture inserted at the time of your extractions.

Will eating and speaking be difficult?

It is very important to remember that you will need to learn how to speak and to eat with dentures in your mouth.  Soft foods are recommended until you are used to biting and chewing.  We encourage you to practice eating and speaking and to have patience; your mouth will get used to the denture.  You may also find an increase in saliva until your mouth becomes accustomed to the denture.

Will I have to come back for follow up appointments?

After the extraction of your teeth it is very important for us to see you for follow-up appointments.  We will need to see you 24 hours after your extractions and again a week after, in order to ensure that your gums are healing properly.  If you develop sore spots please call and schedule an appointment.  Usually a minor adjustment can relieve a sore spot.

What happens when the immediate denture starts to become loose?

As your gums begin to heal, your denture will start to become loose.  You will need to have a soft liner (a tissue conditioner) placed in to help your immediate denture fit better.  Multiple tissue conditioners may be needed.  Please call and schedule appointments as you need them.  Please do not scrub the soft liner with a brush.  You may brush the teeth, but brushing the soft liner will cause it to become rough.

What is a permanent reline or rebase?

Approximately 6-8 months after your extractions and the insertion of you immediate denture, a permanent reline (a relining of the inside of the denture) or rebase (a new base for the denture) will be needed.  After 6-8 months, your gums should be healed from the extractions.  The new base or lining will be made to fit your current gums.

What does the warranty include with my new dentures?

We will warranty your dentures for one year.  This warranty includes teeth popping out of your denture, or the acrylic cracking.  This warranty is only for natural wear. If your denture breaks due to you dropping it or your dog chewing it (which does happen), or if a tooth is broken due to you chewing hard candy or ice, the repair will be at your expense.  The warranty also includes any adjustments you may need during the one-year time frame.  We cannot guarantee that your immediate denture will fit perfectly.  Your mouth will continue to change after your extractions. We can, however, maximize your denture fit by adjustments and tissue conditioners.