Did you know?

“My dentures have lasted me 20 years and they are still good!”

Remember­-your dentures don’t last forever.

According to denturehelp.com, our advanced knowledge and materials allows dentures to be more durable than ever. But teeth can always pop out, teeth can wear out, and the denture base can loosen up because the tissues in your mouth change too!

Even though your dentures might fit perfectly, you should still see a healthcare professional regularly. Why? You never know what your tissues might reveal.  Your healthcare practitioner can detect changes in your tissues if you might have diabetes, cancer, or other diseases.

Did you know that over the counter prescription medication might affect the fit of your dentures? Some prescriptions might change how much saliva you produce, and we all know that with little saliva there is less suction from your denture.

Dentures vary in their quality- and you often get what you paid for.  Remember that it’s not always important to go for the highest priced item, but it’s important to ask questions and understand the difference between denture prices. You can sometimes get a discount on certain dentures, but always ask yourself why? Usually a premium denture provides the best fit, most lasting and best quality. Don’t forget to ask question regarding the different denture packages we offer.

Did you know that you should be taking your dentures out before you go to bed?  Most people think it’s ok to sleep with their dentures, but have you ever tried to sleep with your shoes on? Pretty uncomfortable, isn’t it? Your mouth feels it too. By taking your denture out, you are letting your tissues and gums breath and allowing blood circulation to maintain your gums healthy.

We highly stress this: never ever try to make your own denture repair. Denture self-repair can permanently damage your denture and cause you to need a new denture. Buying the over the counter reline kits are also not a smart idea. See your denturist if you are having trouble with your dentures and they will know exactly what to fix.

In today’s denturist world, dentures don’t need to just be a piece of plastic you put in your mouth. With the great experience and knowledge, your denturist can create dentures for you that can now look and feel natural, making you feel more comfortable with your self and not self-conscious about your smile. No one needs to know you are wearing dentures.

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